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Employer’s Liability Insurance
All organizations have an exposure to claims for damages - as a result of injuries allegedly sustained by employees in their workplace. Even though there is labor law andregulations on worker's compensation insurance in place, there are a number of work-related injuries that may not be covered.
Employers’ liability insurance can cover compensation payments and legal costs if an employee sues their employer or ex-employer for a work-related illness or injury. The compensation amount may take into account things like medical costs and lost income.
Applicable Customers
Construction, real estate, manufacturing, power, gas and water production and supply industries during construction, installation and operation period.
Product Features
1.Providing security for employees' death, disability and medical expenses caused by accidents and occupational diseases during work.
2.Providing compensation for employees’ lost income during period of temporary incapacity.
3.Provision for accidental injury protection during non-working hours is extensible.
4.Transferring the legal responsibility of the employer and exempting the employer from worries 
Insurance Coverage
During the insurance period, in the event of any injury or decease of the Insured’s employee incurred under any such circumstances as listed below, the Insurer shall undertake to pay the indemnifications hereunder against any such indemnification liability as to be borne by the Insured for the afore-mentioned injury or decease in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China (exclusive of HKSAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan, the same applies below).
1.Injured in a work-related accident at the workplace during the working time;
2.Injured in an accident when making work-related preparations or conducting work-related winding-up work at the workplace around the working time;
3.Injured by violence or other unexpected hazards in performing work-related responsibilities at the workplace during the working time;
4.Afflicted with an occupational disease during the work period;
5.Durante absentia for work, injured due to work or the whereabouts thereof is unknown due to an accident;
6.Injury in a traffic accident or the urban rail transit, passenger ferries, train accidents that are not mainly attributable to the employee during the way to work from home or back home from work.
7.Died of an acute disease breaking out during the working time and at the work spot or died of the unsuccessful emergency medical treatment within 48 hours after the acute disease breaking out.
8.Injured in protecting the interest of the State and the public, such as in dealing with an emergency or providing disaster relief;
9.The Insured’s employee is wounded or becomes disabled in war or on duty during the term of military service and is therefore given a certificate for injured or disabled serviceman, but the previous injury recrudesces after working for the employing unit.
10.Other circumstances that shall be identified injured at work as provided by laws and administrative regulations.In the event of any insured accident, as a result of which either arbitration or litigation has been raised against the Insured, the Insurer shall also take such liability as to make indemnifications hereunder against any such arbitration or litigation expenses as imposed on the Insured as well as those other necessary and reasonable fees (hereinafter referred to as “Legal Fees”), which shall be paid by the Insurer as per the prior written consent.
Terms and Conditions of Employer's Liability Insurance