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Cargo Refund Freight Insurance
Product Description
In online shopping, returns, which will incur additional freight, are inevitable. Freight Loss Insurance for Online Shopping will cover the cargo refund freight, so that you can return the goods in a carefree manner.
Applicable Customers
The seller, buyer and other relevant third parties in online shopping
Product Features
1. Whether it is a seller, a buyer or other relevant third parties, so long as the party actually assuming the cargo refund freight is qualified as the insured, it will be compensated after the return.
2. The claim process is simple and fast. Generally, after the seller confirms the receipt of the return, the system will automatically compensate for the cargo refund freight.
3. Reduce disputes caused by cargo refund freight
Insurance Liability
During the insurance period, after the online shopping behavior occurs, due to the inconsistency between the physical object and its online display or other reasons agreed by the buyer and the seller, if the buyer returns the goods within the return period agreed between the buyer and the seller, and the seller allows the buyer to return the goods and refunds the corresponding payment, the insurer will compensate the insured's cargo refund freight within the insurance amount according to the insurance policy.
Terms and Conditions of Cargo Refund Freight Insurance