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Our Major Claims Services
CPIC always aims to be “proactive, prompt, precise and equitable” in its claims management services. When an accident occurs, CPIC will fully cooperate with the policyholder, endeavor to minimize the possible losses and make sure that the claim is settled in a timely fashion. Our major claims services for this project are listed below:
1) Setting up a hotline for claims services
CPIC has set up a team to offer field claims services for this project in order to facilitate the settlement of claims filed by the policyholders/beneficiaries/claimants. The service team handles claim reporting by clients 24 hours a day to ensure quick examination of accidents. Policyholders can reach us by dialing our service hotline 95500.
2) Claims guidance
When an accident occurs, our claims specialists will help policyholders go through the claims processing procedure, and answer any questions they may have.
3) Prompt examination and assessment of losses
CPIC has branch offices all over the country, and when necessary, they can be assigned as claims adjusters to carry out field examinations once the accident is reported to CPIC. Our adjusters and the policyholders will work together to prevent further losses.
4) Simplifying claim filing
CPIC will endeavor to simplify claim filing in accordance with the actual conditions to offer maximum convenience for our clients.
5) Advance payment available
 Based on the policyholder’s requirement, advance payment will be available for a claim that could not be settled immediately but involves a large amount of compensation with a clear assessment of fault.
6) Prompt settlement
a. For claims that do not involve public adjusters, CPIC will, upon receiving all the claim files from the policyholders, make the compensation payment within five business days after reaching a settlement agreement with the policyholders/claimants/beneficiaries.
b. For claims involving a public adjuster, CPIC will, upon receiving the final adjusting report, make the settlement payment within 10 business days after reaching a settlement agreement with the policyholders/claimants/beneficiaries.
7) Delivering payments
CPIC claims specialists will deliver the settlement payment to our clients and collect their suggestions and comments on our claims services. The payment can also be delivered electronically.
8) Claims consultants
CPIC will assign a consultant for each claim when it is reported. The consultant will inform the policyholders of the latest updates in handling the claim and introduce specific claim processing procedures and the necessary documents required for the handling of the claim. Policyholders can reach them anytime to know the latest development of the claims settlement.
9) Partial and advance payment
CPIC may make partial and advance payment when the causes for damages and the assessment of fault could not be determined immediately, and the advance payment shall not exceed 50% of the estimated loss. CPIC is entitled to recover the advance if there is no coverage for the claim.
10) Right to take immediate actions for an accident
When an accident occurs, the policyholder can, upon obtaining consent from CPIC,  take immediate action before the claims specialist arrives in order to avoid further losses. Policyholders should retain necessary proof such as photographs to justify the necessity of immediate actions.
11) Regular information to policyholders
CPIC will keep policyholders/claimants/beneficiaries informed of the progress during the claims process on a monthly basis when it takes a long period of time for the claim to be settled and will speed up the claims process based on the requirements and opinions of the insured.
Added-value Services
Faster Payment for Claims of less than 10,000 RMB
1. Claims with compensation less than 10,000 RMB will be handled automatically through the quick settlement channel;
2. For claims adopting the quick payment method, the policyholders and the claimants should first sign the confirmation form;
3. Claim documentation will be simplified in accordance with the actual conditions;
4. Settlement payment can be made after submission of electronic files instead of mailing the original documents;
5. Payment will be made within three business days after the complete submission of the necessary documents.
VIP Client Services
1. Offering training services on insurance knowledge, risk management technology, and damage and disaster prevention;
2. Providing disaster and damage prevention and risk management services for the insured in accordance with their requirements;
3. Making partial and advance payments for losses that could be adjusted in order to facilitate the recovery of funds;
4. Personalized one-on-one service for large claims, featuring proactive guidance, regular visits and whole-process consulting.
5. Personal care services such as “visiting the injured and escorting them to injury evaluation centers” in case of personal injuries;
Advance Payment
For accidents whose claims could not be settled in a one-off manner, CPIC will make advance payment for the losses determined by the coverage of the insurance policy.
Onsite Staff Support
For large conventions and exhibitions, CPIC may dispatch specialists to the event to provide prompt service and offer professional consulting in case of accidents occurring at the event.