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Inception of Our Cooperation
Cooperation History
CPIC P/C is the chief insurer of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (the venue of the China International Import Expo) from its construction period to the operation period for 6 years as of today, and has a comprehensive understanding on construction and operational risks of as well as rich experience in risk management for the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Guided by the whole life cycle risk management concept, China Pacific Insurance carried out risk investigations from the construction/installation phase, the construction period to the operational phase and the operational phase of the National Exhibition and Convention Center in June 2013, December 2015 and April 2018 successively, revealing more than ten categories of hidden dangers, and proposed suggestions for reducing risks.
CPIC P/C actively serves trade globalization, actively responds to the “Belt and Road” initiative, and provides over RMB 500 billion of insurance coverage for “Chinese companies going global”, covering different projects in 65 different countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to help build an interconnected network; actively participates in the construction of a multi-functional economic zone with the main purpose of trade liberalization and facilitation, such as the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and innovates in the development of free trade zone offshore insurance, parallel imported car insurance, credit insurance, etc. Since 2010, it has won the “Shanghai Financial Innovation Achievement Award” for eight consecutive years, promoting the construction of a higher level of open economic new system; focuses on serving subjects in the trade, transportation, port-shipping and financial services industries, such as Sinopec, COFCO, COSCO Shipping, SIPG, and Bank of Communications Leasing; enhances the anti-risk ability and international competitiveness of trade and its service chain industry; serves Alibaba, eBay and other cross-border e-commerce innovatively, to help foster new modes of foreign trade and create a new engine for foreign trade development .
CPIC P/C is the most important foreign trade insurance service provider in China, providing nearly 20% of import and export enterprises with diversified insurance services covering cargo transportation insurance, trade credit insurance and product liability insurance, etc. Here are some of the customers using our services:
 l China Pacific Insurance is a major insurance service provider for large-scale conventions and exhibitions in China. The large-scale exhibitions supported by the service include CHINAPLAS (the second largest convention in the world) held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), China International Industry Fair, and China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (one of the world's five most influential exhibitions), etc.