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Cooperation Projects
Cooperation Projects
  • CPIC P/C provides an insurance package (accounting for 50%) for the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in the 2018 operating period covering the property insurance, machine damage insurance, business interruption insurance, public liability insurance and many other types of insurance.
  • CPIC P/C Insurance exclusively provides insurance coverage of the construction engineering risks of the venue function enhancement engineering for the 2018 CIIE.
  • CPIC P/C will provide a dedicated integrated property insurance service plan for the first CIIE to help build a “first-class service”.
  • China Pacific Insurance provided on-site risk investigation services and professional risk prevention recommendations for the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) and CIIE in April 2018.
  • China Pacific Insurance carries out comprehensive cooperation with the “6 Days + 365 Days” one-stop trading service platform of the CIIE, building a “CPI Special Zone” and developing insurance product cooperation.
  • CPIC P/C with the Customs, Port Office, and CBRC/CIRC to develop new products such as “Customs Guarantee Insurance” to facilitate customs clearance.
  • CPIC P/C with a large-scale inspection group to promote the comprehensive certification guarantee service of “inspection + insurance” for the import of food, health care products/devices of CIIE and the imported goods from LDCs, and to control market access and circulation risks.