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Exhibition Liability Insurance
Product Description
Exhibition Liability Insurance covers the damage to the buildings, various fixed equipment and other property losses of the rented exhibition space caused by loading and unloading exhibits, transporting machinery and other negligent acts when the insured or its employees are exhibiting at the exhibition site, as well as the liability for the personal injury, death, pensions, medical expenses and other related expenses of third parties (including the employed staff).
Applicable Customers
Organizers, exhibitors and contractors of exhibitions held in Mainland China.
Product Features
1. This product is suitable for all scales and types of exhibitions nationwide.
2. Domestic and foreign organizers, contractors and exhibitors can purchase this insurance.
3. The contractor and exhibitor can act as the insured at the same time. The insurance shall be purchased for each exhibition booth. One party insures, and multiple parties will benefit therefrom.
4. The insurance period can cover the whole period from construction to dismantling. The insurance value is agreed upon by the two parties at the time of insurance. Before the insurance takes effect, the insurance period can be adjusted according to the reasonable requirements of the insured.
Insurance Coverage
1. Loss of buildings, various fixed equipment, and ground and foundation at the exhibition site
2. Personal injury suffered by the employed staff (hereinafter referred to as “employee”), pensions, medical expenses and other related expenses arising therefrom
3. Personal injury suffered by a third party, pensions, medical expenses and other related expenses arising therefrom
Terms and Conditions of Exhibition Liability Insurance