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To Customers
It is our untiring pursuit to provide our customers with "warm-hearted" services. Being customer-oriented, we constantly innovate our products, and provide quality services and activities to accompany our customers’ every step of the way.
1.1 To insure is to protect, and boost customers’ sense of gain
With growing national economy, insurance products and services in various fields such as medical care, food, clothing, housing and transportation are becoming a necessity for people. The insurance industry is therefore faced with tremendous opportunities for development. We always pay close attention to people's diverse risk protection needs, and constantly innovate products to ensure that people's sense of gain and well-being are enhanced.
Both CPIC P/C and CPIC Life received AA Ratings in Insurer Service Evaluation for 2017
In November 2017, CIRC announced the results for the 2017 insurance company service evaluation. Both CPIC P/C and CPIC Life received AA ratings (the highest rating) this year, becoming a new benchmark in the industry.
CIRC provides comprehensive and objective assessment of the insurance company's service based on the service innovation evaluation and the quantitative evaluation of the insurance company’s sales, underwriting, consulting, claims settlement, and complaints processes.
As of 2017, we had provided 115.53 million customers with risk protection. Based on customer profiling and accurate risk pricing, we introduced a number of protection products with higher sum assured, extended age limits, broader coverage and lower premiums, which have been well received by consumers.
We are convinced that only high-quality services can win consumers' approval. Since implementing the “customer-oriented” transformation in 2011, we have established a system for listening to customers’ voices, set up a customer’s NPS monitoring system, built a closed-loop management mechanism for continuous optimization, and developed a customer-oriented corporate culture, and improved organization and information technology, so as to improve customer satisfaction.
In 2017, we continued to carry out the “Ocean Star” customer experience evaluation campaign to motivate our agencies at all levels to focus on customer feedback and find solutions to solve the pain points of customer experience. The activity produced a total of 125 candidate teams and 495 individual candidates. In the end, 20 award-winning teams and 65 candidate individuals were selected, and some valuable ideas turned up about optimizing service processes and using digital tools to innovate service, laying a good foundation for the promotion of optimization measures throughout the Company.
Create personal insurance account system with "Digital CPIC"
Currently, the Group has about 116 million customers. Due to a lack of a unified personal authentication account system, customers often need to download multiple digital terminals. When handling different businesses, multiple registrations and certifications are required.
In 2017, we started the construction of “Digital CPIC” to integrate various customer digital terminals through CPIC’s Official App and build an industry-leading unified personal insurance account system which features “unified certification, unified accounts, unified data-supply, and unified portal”, thus realizing our goal of “CPIC, Homeland for All” and allowing customers to obtain insurance services more easily and conveniently according to their own needs.
As of the end of 2017, we had completed the transfer and integration of the historical data of the company’s 115 million customers for our strategic digital product - “Homeland”, indicating that we had established a data foundation for a unified personal insurance account system.
1.2 Warm-hearted companion for customer
The growth of an enterprise depends on its customer's trust and support. In order to better repay customers, we focus on customer needs, fully upgrade customer service experience, and carry out a wealth of online and offline activities, trying to be a warm-hearted companion for our customers.
"Tai Hao Pei"- a new generation of insurance service system
CPIC P/C developed a new generation of customer service system for auto business claims settlement, which covers vehicle damage, human injuries, holiday services, and everyday vehicle usage, and is gradually becoming the industry standard; using insurance technology, CPIC P/C greatly enhanced the customers’ claims settlement experience. At the same time, a cloud platform for operation was established to provide powerful back-office support for serving 20 million customers.
In October 2017, CPIC P/C held its first customer's day with the theme of "follow your heart, as you wish" and the brand launch conference of "Tai Hao Pei", a customer-oriented service product with “mobile, automatic, and interactive”technical support, aiming to become a one-stop service provider for customers.
As of 2017, 41 CPIC P/C branches had introduced “Tai Hao Pei”, and more than 20,000 customers enjoy this convenient service every day.
E-Life Companion Customer Club Activities
In 2017, CPIC Life set up the E-Life Companion Customer Club, and launched a number of well-received services like “Tai Zun Xiang”, Tai Huo Li (Dynamic CPIC)”, and “Tai You Ai” to advocate a healthy and positive life philosophy.
The “Tai Zun Xiang” theme activity focused on hot topics that customers were concerned about, and invited renowned experts to give lectures on topics including economic situation, wealth management, and health preservation. In June 2017, the "Tai Chi- Kung Fu Yoga" activity invited yoga masters to provide on-site teaching to customers and sales staff. The event also opened 130 branch venues, and more than 100,000 people participated in the live online broadcast.
The "Tai You Ai" theme activity aims at spreading the seeds of public welfare. In August 2017, we held the "Bright Eyes” program and invited eye specialists from Harvard Medical School to give lectures on the prevention of children's eye diseases at the main venue in Shanghai, and also invited local experts and optometrists to provide free eye examination and consultation services at the 46 sub-venues in 38 provinces for more than 5,000 of our customers, and another 22,000 customers participated in the online interaction.
The ‘Tai Huo Li (Dynamic CPIC)” theme activities focused on young customers and carried out events such as “city discovery” exploration, joyful running, and musical theatre viewing. In July 2017, the first event “Discover Dalian” attracted more than 18,000 applicants. After selection, about 1,000 people gathered in Dalian to participate in this event.