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To Society
We always honor our commitment to responsibility, take courageous actions in face of disasters, actively participate in community development and public welfare undertakings, and strive to satisfy people's pursuit of a better life.
1.1 Face disaster with responsibility
In the past 10 years, CPIC saw an increase in compensation payout year by year, totaling nearly RMB 560 billion, playing the role of economic “shock absorber” and society “stabilizer”. We provided catastrophic risk protection for customers in cities such as Xiamen, Ningbo, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, and Qingdao, covering personal accidents, residential housing losses, government relief liability, urban infrastructure losses, SME risks, with the total sum assured exceeding RMB 90 billion.
For many years, our people have always been seen at the scene of countless disasters and accidents fulfilling their commitment to responsibility. In 2017, we handled 24 disaster emergencies such as the landslides in Maoxian County, Sichuan Province, the Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, the traffic accident on the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, Typhoon Nesat’s landing in Fujian province, and the flood disaster in Jilin Province. Countless “CPIC Blue” team members rushed to the disaster-hit areas where they were needed by customers, showing to the customers that CPIC is the right choice by them.
Quick response to accident on Beijing-Kunming Expressway
On the night of August 10, 2017, a big traffic accident occurred at the Qinling Tunnel on the Beijing-Kunming Expressway. We initiated emergency response right away, and opened fast track for claims. Through the cooperation between CPIC P/C, CPIC Life and CPIC Henan Branch and Shaanxi Branch, we carried out cross-provincial surveys and claims settlement.
After the accident, Zhao Songmiao, the head of CPIC Luoyang Central Sub-Branch, who was about to undergo gallstone surgery in Luoyang Hospital, chose to put off the surgery regardless of the doctor’s objection and rushed to the accident site with his team. On the afternoon of August 12, the insured was paid the first RMB 10 million pre-payments within 42 hours of the accident. When Zhao personally handed the claims agreement to the insureds, he felt "the customer’s trust has been honored." At 9:00 am on August 16, the second advance payment of RMB 10 million was also paid to the insureds.
Members of the Company's emergency response team went to hospital to visit victims of the traffic accident on Beijing-Kunming Expressway
Go where customer needs are
At 21:19 on August 8, 2017, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. CPIC P/C, CPIC Life,and CPIC Allianz established an emergency team overnight, and launched five emergency measures including 24-hour acceptance of case reporting, investigation of customer risk information, simplified claims procedures, secondary disaster warning service, and convenient claims service. And fast track for claims was also opened. Jiang Hongwei, a CPIC employee who was in the disaster area, rushed to the site of survey with emergency supplies, and set up the first settlement service point in the disaster-hit area, displaying unlimited care for customers.
On the morning of August 10, Jiang Hongwei met with the rescue team who just arrived in the disaster area and quickly started work in an orderly manner. In order not to occupy the government's disaster-relief resources, the team members ate instant noodles they brought with them every day, and when they were tired, they just took a nap in their car. Despite such harsh  working environment, they successfully completed various claims and rescue and services.
CPIC surveyors carried out surveying and rescue services. After working ceaselessly for more than ten hours, and they just took a nap when they tired.
“When disaster strikes, people’s anxieties, fears and grieves are inevitable. Insurance is a way to spread love, and we hope to do our best to help more people in disaster areas.”
—The voice of “CPIC Blue”volunteers
1.2 Committed to public welfare
Enthusiastic about charity activities
We always pay attention to children’s education and health issues, and carried out various charitable projects such as “Illuminate Future with Responsibility” and “Love for Children” throughout the country, benefiting nearly 60,000 children. As of the end of 2017, a total of 8,842 employees had registered as volunteers and participated in 62,225 hours of volunteer services.
For 22 consecutive years, we have been conducting charity activities for the Shanghai Welfare  Home for Children, with a donation of more than 4 million yuan. In 2017, we were joined by customer volunteers for the first time. They participated in charity running and other activities. They also paid frequent visits to the Welfare Home to interact with the children there.
Realize children’s dream with AI
The “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” released by the State Council in July 2017 clearly stated that it is necessary to set up artificial intelligence (AI) related courses in primary and secondary schools. The advent of the AI will also promote far-reaching changes in basic education in rural areas.
In 2017, the “Illuminate the Future with Responsibility” public welfare activities reached Dingjiagou Hope Primary School in Huining, Gansu, and Lianshui Hope Primary School in Chuxiong, Yunnan province. We introduced the AI curriculum into the classroom and demonstrated to children the operation of VR glasses, drones, the egg-shaped alpha robots, humanoid robots, and distance learning. To enable the teachers and students there to master more AI science and technology, we set up an AI dream classroom in the school and invited AI experts from NetEase to give themed lectures to students. We also donated mixed reality (MR) equipment- HoloKit to the schools.
In addition to AI classes, the employee and customer volunteers also provided children with various courses on first aid, music, fine arts, handicraft and sports. Hao Jie, chief trombonist of  Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, assisted the volunteers in teaching the children At Dingjiagou Primary School play cucurbit flute through distance learning, helping the children realize their music dreams.
Hope Primary School students “visit” Shanghai through VR glasses
Hao Jie, chief trombonist of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, teaches the Hope Primary School students play cucurbit flute through distance learning
In Guizhou Province, we launched a series of public welfare activities called “For a better World”. In May 2017, we donated water purification equipment to 10 poverty-stricken primary schools in the Zunyi Mountains, which improved the drinking water conditions for more than 4,000 children. In November, we donated cotton-padded clothes, cotton shoes, gloves, and schoolbags, to
the impoverished children in Guizhou Province, with a total value of 1 million yuan; we also donated accidental injury insurance with a sum assured of 10.35 million yuan to the teachers and students of Yebiao Primary School in Zunyi, Gansu province. A total of more than 70,000 employees, agents and customers participated in this "warm winter campaign."
In Shandong Province, 11,197 agents, through the “donate 1 yuan for each policy” program, raised a total of 3.38 million yuan in seven months, and donated money to the Shandong Youth Development Foundation. The money was used to set up Hope Libraries for 29 impoverished primary schools in 16 prefectures in Shandong Province, as well as to fund 290 poor students. In July, we donated 2 million yuan to 200 poor senior high students and provided them with the opportunity to take up employment in the Company.
Children wearing cotton-padded clothes donated by CPIC
Support cultural and sports development
We have always been very supportive of cultural and sports development. We have held symphony tours throughout the country for many consecutive years. In 2017, we held tours in Wenzhou, Shenyang, and Lanzhou, bringing a music feast to the audience. At the same time, we are committed to building a stage for school children to display their musical talents. Through our “Sing for the future” program, we helped the children in Yunnan and Gansu get on the big music stage in Shanghai.
We are also active in various sports events. In 2017, we supported marathon, badminton competitions, cross-country championships and other important sports events in many places throughout the country. In these activities, we not only provided players with professional insurance protection, but also passed on the positive energy brought by sports through voluntary services.
Chengdu International Marathon
As a top partner of the Chengdu International Marathon in 2017, we not only provided comprehensive insurance coverage for the event, but also added “warmth” to the event through creative design and thoughtful service.
Our 390 employees and customers formed 6 running teams, dressed in blue uniform with words “My great country”on it, conveying the marathon spirit of health, self-challenging, and progress.
We carefully selected more than 200 young volunteers for the event, opened a fast track for claims settlement, and provided services such as order maintenance and emergency handling. At the China West Expo City Plaza booth, the finish point of the run, we provided people with various forms of interactive experiences, bringing a lot of fun to them.
Energetic CPIC marathon runners